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    Total acreage seized from native Americans since 1776

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    Drew Barrymore photographed by Mark Seliger, 1995.

  4. Back home in SF now. What do you do when you buy 6 pints of strawberries? Make strawberry daiquiris!

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    Se prélasser, se délasser, ou s’enlacer sans se lasser


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    Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea

    Good morning ♥

    Happy Sunday to you all, Wishing you all a very chilled Sunday.

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    Buick Riviera 1965

  13. We ate a few on the way back to the hotel. Sweet!

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  14. mrs. vinouomosette and I just stopped by their stand down in Santa Maria next to the Pappy’s Restaurant. It’s next to the truck stop off US 101 and East Betteravia Road. We got half a flat (6 pints) for $5. A pretty amazing aroma now exists in mrs. vinouomosette’s Beetle during our drive up to San Luis Obispo.